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The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy is Basically a REMAKE (...of the Dark Empire Comics)

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Today, we'll be examining the numerous similarities between the Dark Empire, of Star Wars Legends, and the Star Wars Sequel trilogy, of canon. Music: ALISON - Warm / Endless Reflexions / Space Echo / Gaze Dark Empire Remake Trailer: *** ???? ASSETS ???? Intro/Outro Music: Home - Resonance Outro meme'd by: Music Playlist: ???? SOCIAL MEDIA ???? Twitch: 2nd YT: Twitter: Discord: Instagram: Merch: ???? SUPPORT ECK ???? Patreon: Paypal: Sub: Join: ???? SEND ME STUFF ???? PO Box 3271, Station East, Dartmouth NS, B2W 5G2 You can address any mail to Justin
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