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Inspired By Fallout 76 Cheating, Bethesda Tries To Monetise It In Rage 2

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Loving the innovation of Bethesda, their new ad campaign pretty much sums up there business practises to a tee. LAYMEN MERCH!!! TWITCH PAGES!!!! Outro song- Evolution of Bethesda- == EA's 3-Step Process Guarantees a 15% Drop In Share Price! Clickbait YouTubers Agree: Apex Legends Doesn't Suck Fallout 76 Could Learn A Thing Or Two From Metroid Disappointed Metro Exodus Fans Are Apparently (Toxic) Metro Exodus Exclusive Deal Backfires For Publisher and Epic Leaked Image Raises Serious Anthem Concerns IGN REVIEWS ARE A BIGGER MEME THAN FALLOUT 76!!! The Laymen...
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