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Corbyn Consoles May | Lord of The Rings Brexit Impressions Dub

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Jeremy Corbyn consoles Theresa May over what a terrible job she is doing over Brexit, but not before Nigel Farage makes an appearance. Merchandise: Twitter: Facebook: Snapchat: chopkinson92 Instagram: charlie.hopkinson.comedy Website: Patreon: A mines of moria impressions dub with each of the LOTR characters playing a different minister. Theresa May as Frodo, Boromir as Michael Gove, Gimli as Boris Johnson, Aragorn as David Cameron, Legolas as David Lammy, Gandalf as Jeremy Corbyn and Elrond as the speaker John Bercow. In this impressions dub Corbyn consoles Theresa May (Frodo) over her leave deal. Featuring cameos from...
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