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Stop using GamerGate to defend against bad STAR WARS movies

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Rian Johnson's STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI has decimated the Star Wars fandom. The division over the movie (and the future of the franchise, as led by Kathleen Kennedy, and the higher ups at Lucasfilm) has pushed the left leaning media to once again bring up GamerGate as a boogieman. Gavia Baker-Whitelaw of the Daily Dot attempts (and fails) to claim that the backlash against THE LAST JEDI is nothing more than a harassment campaign, and she tried using GamerGate as the strawman scare tactic. ► AMAZON: ► PATREON - ► PAYPAL: ► BITCOIN: 1FGxTiyKZDSkphRLn1xEwNR3aaG2RYKhGQ ► DISCORD:...
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